Milwaukee M18 Cordless Grinder Review

How Does The Milwaukee Perform?

Milwaukee are known to consistently produce some of the best power tools on the market, making improvements as they see fit to guarantee customer satisfaction. I’m know to upgrade to the latest gadgets in the industry to make life easier, so taking a closer look at the Milwaukee M18 cordless grinder definitely was a must. Here is my personal review of the Milwaukee M18 Cordless Grinder that includes the outstanding features and pros and cons that I found using it, which will hopefully put you in a better position when deciding whether to purchase it.

The Full Milwaukee Grinder Kit

The Milwaukee M18 cordless grinder’s most outstanding feature is its power. With the 4 pole brush-less motor, maximum power is delivered be it when grinding or cutting. With an RPM of 8500, you can see it is a powerful tool, capable of performing even the toughest of tasks.

The Internals Of The Beast

Click here to read more about the advantages of brush-less motors.

Customized Handle
With vibrations rampant in most power tool grinders, getting a good grip of the handle to ensure that it does not slip in your hands while working is important. The Milwaukee stands out as the handle is slim enough to get the whole hand encircled on it. The additional rubberized side grip handle ensures that the tool will be comfortable to use.

The Side Grip Handle Ensures Comfort and Stability

Protective Screen
One of my favorite features is the easily adjustable protective screen. With metal being ground and sometimes breaking off and fine dust flying up in the air, the protective screen comes in handy to ensure I’m not not overly exposed.

Tool Free
Changing of guard positions is vital when it comes to grinding metals and get the perfect cut. However unlike other grinding tools changing of the guard positions with the Milwaukee is easy. This comes about as all I had to do was press the lever to adjust the position and grind away.

Looking at the Milwaukee M18 cordless grinder review, the advantages easily seen are;

• Tool warranty of up to 5 years and battery up to 2 years
• Comes with functional additions such as a carrying case, flange nuts, wheel guard and spanner wrench
• Has L-shape vents which are handy, stopping fragments from entering the tool and damaging it in the process
• Has an overload protection that ensures no damage comes to the tool when there is battery damage or the tool overheats.
• Being cordless it is the most powerful grinder found without having to drag a cord along while working.
• Runs longer than other grinders on the market as it uses 4.0 A/h batteries

The Milwaukee Grinder Is The Most Durable Cordless Grinder I Have Used

The only disadvantage that I found when testing the Milwaukee M18, is that the spare batteries can be quite expensive, and ideally you want two batteries so that you always have one charged and ready to use if one goes flat.

All in all looking at the Milwaukee M18 cordless grinder review one thing is clear, it comes offering unmatched balance and power regardless who is using the tool. In this case if you are one to use a grinder often, then no doubt this is the cordless grinder to use as it will not disappoint.

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