Tutorial: How To Drill A Hole In A Tille

So here’s the situation: you’ve just purchased a brand new fancy mirror to place in your bathroom and are ready to install it. You get out all your tools, measure up the wall, fit the drill bit into your drill and start drilling – then suddenly *crack*, you’ve just completely shattered a whole tile. I must admit, this has happened to me before – when I wasn’t very experienece with tools and home handyman work. So, how do you drill a hole in a tile? I’m going to go through the simple steps – to ensure a nice clean hole, and no cracked tiles.

1. Use an old bedding sheet or large sheet of plastic to cover up surfaces that you do not want to get dust and debris on.

2. Find the position (roughly, doesn’t have to be exact) of where you want to drill, then place 2 layers of masking/painters tape in that position, so that the tape is in the shape of an X. The tape will help prevent the drill from slipping on the tile.

Ensure You Use 2 Layers Of Tape, Placed In An X

3. Use a pen to park on the tape the exact position that you want to drill. Then use a center punch and hammer to make an indent on your pen mark. Be sure not to hit too hard with the hammer. how

4. Place a Carbide tipped masonry bit into your drill and set the drill to regular drilling – NOT hammer drill.

5. Ensuring the drill is square to the wall, use a moderate pressure to drill the hole. Do not be too impatient in this step and try to force too hard, you will crack the tile.

That’s how to drill in a tile – it’s very simple and even the most inexperienced handyman will be able to perform this task with ease. The most important thing is to Carbide tipped masonry bit, a normal drill bit will simply not work.

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